Aced World

Websites, Cyber security, PC optimising, Discord & Twitch bots, Gamming server setup and coding


Here at Aced World, we specialize in the creation of responsive, user-friendly, easily updated and maintained web sites. That being said, when you get a website built through us, you will be able to change any text, photos and even a few colors by yourself very easily.

Discord & Twitch bots

If you are in search of a reliable bot that's online 24/7, we have what you need. The bot will be hosted in the region of your choice, programmed in the best flexible languages and can easily be configured by you through a web panel.

Password manager

With Lastpass you can save all your passwords, notes, software licences and other sensitive details securely in one app. For extra security you should always use Lastpass alongside with Authy.... I trust this company to store nearly all of my passwords, secure notes, addresses and software licences. I only leave out a few major/master passwords that I write on paper or keep in my head. It can auto fill passwords for you, generate strong passwords (12 or above characters is still strong these days, 16 or above is best, any possible password 8 characters or below can be guessed relatively easy by a computer) and there is some other good features that the app offers. I only recommend using a password manager if the password manager account itself has two factor authentication enabled (2FA) and all the accounts (emails/passwords) stored in the manager also have 2FA enabled on those accounts individually. For example I don't recommend adding your Facebook email and password to the password manager until you have 2FA enabled ON FACEBOOK. This is so that if someone does get one of your passwords they can't login without YOUR personal phone in their hand. Your phone can generate tokens that are required to login and those tokens will ONLY be generated on your phone. The only way I know of people hacking pass this is by stealing your identity, calling your phone provider and setting up a sim card in your name with the same number as you've already got. If they do that they will be able to get 2FA tokens SMS texted to them. You'd notice though because your sim card would top working when they tricked your phone provider into setting up a new sim with you number.

Two Factor Authenticator

With Authy on your side, even if a hacker gets your e-mail and password they will also need your phone in their possesion to successfully get into your accounts. A 2019 Microsoft report concluded that 2FA can successfully block 99.9% of automatic attacks.

Secure Online Cloud Storage

With you can upload your receipts and sensitive data to secure servers kept in a secure location. Upon doing so you'll feel less worried about breaking your phone and losing bevoled family photos.